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Lord King: This person really hate Argentina. Is always bitching about everything. I am not saying you have to be in love of everything about it, but only says negative items.

Salty Coffee: Could you do Germen men, Dutch men, Russian men, and perhaps English women? I think these (apart from Dutch tend to have a lot of myths to dating such as the Russian Mafia stereotypes etc.

UnluckyZero: There should be a Bengali language one too

Darya Mineeva: Bastante guapas Las gachupinas y junto con Las suecas y Rusas son lo mejor de Europa! Las German y Holandesas si estan bien pinches.

Barbara Dias: You guys should do German guys!

Raven K: Wow 90 negative for me. I guess me and irish woman should never meet.

Jaleed Sultan: In my country, men always pay on the First date, but you usually take turns on the next ones, but you NEVER split the bill. It's seen as being petty

Jordan Martin: Spanish from Mexico Yes

Andrea Ortiz: Wtf is wrong with the polish one? If you do such tests, make sure u have someone, who has a good pronunciation. Not a trashy one. What is 'pierogis', it's called Pierogi.

Blue Stuff: I relate so much to this. My boyfriend is puerto rican (doesnt speak spanish unfortunately and acts just like this. I cant even wear a choker around him. He will hunt me down and make me put on a jacket if i wear something like a tank top. But i love him anyways. Loved this video!

Erika Da: I find this creepy

Namćor: As a guy living in Calgary I can assure you they are aweful. Average looking average in everyway and think they are better than most men. Take great pleasure in putting down a man. Created by a weak british system Only good ones in french canada

Antomirko1: So they're ugly and annoying, nice to know.

Freaky Frog: Try Colombian spanish women sexxist thing you ever see or hear especially there hospitality at the bars

Since that i'm getting that op code error with red screen. If that does not work, update the HDD firmware. DL G6 and VT-d - does anybody have this working? DL G3 illegal opcode. What can be the problem?

Nuno Cardoso: I love Russian men. .so nice. smart. funny.assertive, not rude. at least the ones I've known.

Hakan Turan: Yup, she's gonna ask about your work first.

Annie Weasley: The dress thing is true, no one warned me about it.

Nicolesg: Haha remind me so much to my ex from Moscow!

Adriana-111: You know you are dating an Irish man when he say. who da fook is that guy!

Unmoved12345: In my experience this is absolutely spot on

Underrated 77: Wow she wants to be an equal. how. unsual :D

Hootabell: Please un cazzoooo hahahahahah

Why-not: You'll know that your girl is Russian because her pimp will tell you.

Huajie666 Liu: These aren't even remotely funny and totally inaccurate

Andi Eko: So being feminine is something negative and against women's rights now? smh.These videos have been showing me that I might not be a feminist as I thought.It is okay to be a woman, it is okay to be feminine.And it is okay to be not. Y'all bugging

Kaivo244: No offense but this potrayal is, sub-human like MisterMcCurry Irish dolt Sir of the day here likes to state.

Akibmatf: Please can you make a video about dating a moroccan woman?

Heron Myer: Wait. Are her boobs out? 46 seconds


There are no refunds inasmuch as the courses in any way it is a puny disbursement to grease someone's palm to safeguard your driving privileges intact.

Irrational fear of losing my girlfriend. Do I admit this to her?

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Three Digital Risks to Talk Surveillance - Insects, Mikes and Phones 2.

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Can you like someone you haven't had a date with yet?

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Service Pack for ProLiant version Contents elx-lpfc-kmp-trace__

Browse the Latest Snapshot. There was a power outage and the server was powered off. Hung-Sheng Tsao laoTsao Re: Please note that before installing windows, the server had Solaris installed.

The Tower-to-Rack conversion kit is just a rackmount tray to put the server in the rack on its side. I am a HP employee. I know, it is officially just possible vice versa, but I do hope, that someone can post an idea.

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